Yussuf Nursery School

About the project

Project Summary

Yussuf Nursery School is a small, underdeveloped school in a village 45 minutes from Fuoni. There are five classes with 125 student’s total. Children’s ages range from 4–9 years old


Volunteers teach English, sports, geography, math and science (all at a basic level). Friday at the school is an all day sports day, but students finish early.


School hours are 8:00am – 12:30pm. Volunteers need to leave the hostels at around 7:00 AM and take a daladala (minibus) in order to arrive by the 8am start time.


The resources at this centre are very limited so any donations you can bring will be greatly appreciated. Stationary such as Pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, books also desks for the children to work on and chairs as you will see most of the children work sitting on the floor.

Special points

The children attending this school are mainly Muslim so we ask volunteers to respect a more professional dress code. Volunteers need to co-ordinate lesson plans with teachers each morning. Maximum 4 volunteers needed at this school