Montessori Orphans and Nursery School

About the project

Project Summary

This Orphanage and school is located in the village Bububu. It has four teachers and now over 50 Orphans, ages ranging from Newborn up to 18 years.


Kiswahili,Maths, Science, and English and sports are all taught to the students at the Orphange and school. It’s often a good idea to become creative when planning lessons, as this is something that tends to lack in most education in both Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. You will usually find your own method that works and may introduce it to the other teaching staff


This school is open five days a week, school hours are from 7.30am – 12.00pm, for the orphanage volunteers can decided whether to do the morning or afternoon session.


The resources at the Orphanage and school are very limited so any donations you can bring will be greatly appreciated. Stationary such as Pencils, erasers, sharpeners ,rulers and education books etc

Special points

The children attending this School are generally Muslim. We ask volunteers to respect a more professional dress code on Zanzibar due to the large Muslim Population. Maximum 3 volunteers needed for this project.