St. Monica’s School

About the project

Project Summary

ground of the historical slave market site on which there is now St Monica Anglican Church of which marks the history of the slave trade. The school was started in 1987 initially for Christian pupils. Howevernow there are both Christian and Islamic Students due to the good reputation Christian education holds. There are 170 students. At the nursery stages they range from 3 to 5 years, then primary are 6 years and up. With Four teachers for each stage the classes are a very manageable size of around 25 students per class


Kiswahili, Maths, Science, English, Social studies and sports are all taught to the students of all ages. Volunteers are needed mainly to teach English and Math’s but are always welcome to assist in any of the other subjects or activities. Its often a good idea to become creative when planning lessons, as this is something that tends to lack in most education in both Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania


Nursery and Primary education you will find are taught in the morning only. At St Monicas volunteers are expected to work from 8am-1.30pm


St Monica’s has large size classrooms with wall length chalkboards. Any stationary is always appreciated as they merely have the basics. However we’ve found that its sharpeners and erasers that are needed most. Pens and pencils can always be bought locally. Any extra stationary or work resources you may wish to bring in order to enthuse the children about there education and develop any creative outlets will always be appreciated. Arts and Crafts is always a great way to get the students to learn a topic more intently

Special points

The children in both Primary and Nursery are either Muslim or Christian. However with Zanzibar being 92% Muslim, the Islamic population in St Monica’s is, needless to say very high. We therefore ask for volunteers to dress modestly both in school and around Zanzibar to respect the religion and culture. Between 2 and 6 volunteers needed at this project.