Alice O'Donnel

This summer I spent 3 and a half weeks volunteering in Zanzibar, spending time at Yusuf English Medium School in the rural village of Kianga. This school was set up by Mr Yusuf, and started with one classroom and just a few students. The school has now grown and houses around 160 students.

Many students do not pay for the school and those that can afford it pay a small donation, which goes towards food, water and teaching resources. This means that poor children in the village get a chance at an education they would never have been able to experience if it weren’t for the school. Whilst at the school I taught English to several different classes, as well as doing art and sporting activities with the children.

The volunteering I did was extremely rewarding and I was able to see how much of a positive impact the school has made to the local community. This school is run by teachers who volunteer and so having an extra helping hand to lead classes is so valuable to them. Teachers such as Teacher Stefano and Teacher Chana were absolutely fantastic, the children loved them and they clearly put their heart and soul into their classes.

Yusuf English medium school allowed me to experience first hand how beneficial community projects can be and I was touched by the gratitude the teachers and students showed me. I am so thankful for my experience and would absolutely recommend volunteering at Yusuf English Medium school and donating to their cause.

The school really needs desks and tables for the classroom, paint for the rooms that have not been completed and resources such as exercise books and pencils. Additionally, the school is hoping to build accommodation for volunteer staff and children, as well as build adequate toilets for the students. Any donations towards this would be massively appreciated by the children at the school, as well as the local community.